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Paul Zarzyski

Steering with My Knees
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Table of Contents
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The Risible Poetic Crazy Bone in the Elbow of the Inner Ear
Artist’s Statement, by Larry Pirnie

Into Youth’s Oblivion Cool

Bingo in the Church Basement
Riding Double—16 and Beating the Heat
Hurley High
Scars Poetica
Zarzyski Meets the Copenhagen Angel
Riding Double-Wild
Why I Like BUTTE!—Or, “How She Goin’ Today, Just?”
The Poet & The Picker

Under The Wicked One’s Dash

Monte Carlo Express—Post Office Box 258,
        15.3 Miles Home

“The Car that Brought You Here Still Runs”
The Day Beelzebub Gave His Jezebel a Hotfoot
The Capital of Montana (a “Found Poem”)
Making Her Day
Hot Loaves in the Monte Carlo

The Meaning Of Fur-Bearing Life

The Whale in My Wallet
Zeke Zarzyski
A Lesson in Animal Zen
Photo Finish
Cowboys & Indians
Woodchuck Love



They Travel In Twos

Drinking with Mister Mink
Flat Crick’s Mad Gourmet Poet and His Fishing Fanatic
       Neighbor Hold the First-Ever Polecatting Derby
Zarzyski Goes Daffy with Zupan on the Last Day of Quacker Season
Escorting Grammy to the Potluck Rocky Mountain Oyster
       Feed at Bowman’s Corner—A Love Poem
Deer Heart (and Gentle People)
Zarzyski Stomachs the Oxford Special with Zimmer
       at the Ox Bar & Grill
Red Shuttleworth’s Birthday, Baseball, Boilermaker
        Bards Bombastic, and the Horrible, but Victorious,
        Morning After

The Guns Of Provolone

Zarzyski, Not Exactly Wild Bill Hickok
Attack of the Box Elder Bugs—Or, as Poet Greg Keeler Would
       Put It, “Somebody Bring Me the Goddamned Bug Book!”
Porch Light Web
Of Man and Mouse

Hummocking Erumpent  

After Sipping Chardonnay and Talking Art, Tossin’ Shots
       Poetically at Doc Holliday’s
Yevgeny Alexandrovich Yevtushenko: Cowboy Poet
Martini McRae & Whiskey Zarzyski: A Brace of Blackjack Ace
The Elko Ecdysiast—Or, What Happens in Elko Ain’t Staying in Elko
Calico Fever Blues




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All rights reserved. These words and images may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Cowpoke Cosmos Highs

Long Sagebrush Drives—An Adrenaline-Induced,
        Testosterone-Fueled, Buckin’-Hoss-Twister,
        Roughstockaholic Jabberwocky-Rap

Super-Grooving in the “Voodoo Lou”
Rodeo Poet Barnstormer
The Passion of the Toast

My Cattywampus Noggin

“Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer”
The “Have Laptop, Will Travel” Paladin-Never-Used-a-Computer
       Boogie-Woogie Blues
Rodeo Poet Horse-Manure-Forker
The Day My Dentist, George Olsen, Was Crowned “HERO!”
       to Poets Across the Whole Cowpoke Cosmos

Pre-Op-Poet Blues

Swimmin’ The Cowboy Fountain Of Youth

How the Lord Throwed-In with Mom to Make Me Quit the Broncs
Dear Mom
Benny Reynolds’ Bareback Riggin’
Rodeo in His Bones
The Roughstockaholic’s “Just-One-More-Last-One” Blues
A Cowboy Reel
Ain’t No Life After Rodeo: The Polish-Hobo-Rodeo-Poet’s
        Commencement Address—To the Chagrin of Every
        Graduate’s Mother—at the College of Buckaroo
[listen to the track]
Washed-Up Zarzyski Rides Ol’ ’65 Maytag to a Sudsy Standstill

My Hopalong Godiva

Not Having Made it as a Writer, on His 55th Birthday
       the Poéte Maudit Turns Himself in to Literary Johnny
        Law and, while Incurring the Third Degree, Finally
        Fesses Up

The Ms. of the Mega-Munitions
She-Devil Muse



Why I Ain’t Buying into the Word “Inspiration”
Burn Barrel Publishing: To Burn or Not to Burn? That is the Question!

Chianti Salutes!

The Tumbleweed Munchies
The Heavyweight Champion Pie-Eatin’ Cowboy
       of the West (with Starbucks)
Bizarzyski—Mad Bard and Carpenter Savant
       of Manchester, Montana—Feeds the Finicky Birds

Sadly—Oh-so-Sadly—I Have to Explain The Sopranos
       to Someone Who Just Does Not Capice


No-Laughing-Gas-In-Hell Mad

Telemarketer Malediction
Zarzyski Curses the Burning of his Bro, Zozobra, “Old Man Gloom”
The Coldest Place I’ve Ever Been
Feeding Horses in Richard Hugo’s Fishing Parka
“…So Just How Do You Stand the Vicious Winters?”

Roaring With Metaphorical Fire

Smart Mouth—Mandibular Prognathism
Birthday Virtue-of-Defiance Ritual After 60
Zarzyski Stars in Football Zombie Apocalypse Now
Turkey Buzzards Circling Nirvana
Short-But-Not-Too-Sweet Eulogy to, and from, the Rockin’
       Double-Z BarWhiskey Bizarzyski CZARzyski UniPoet

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