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One week from tonight, on the eve of Memorial Day and my 64th birthday, I’ll be working—yes, “working”—on stage at the historic Iron County Court House in Hurley, where my Mother once worked as Register Of Deeds. This year marks my fifth Memorial Day Pilgrimage to tend to Mom and Dad’s gravesite. (I planted daffodil bulbs around the stone last September and am hoping to find them in bloom.) I look forward, in the midst of visiting my parents’ resting place, to reliving with an audience—98% of whom personally knew Delia and Leonard!—the stories of all of our working lives. Hard, passionate work, I learned as a young boy, is kindred to feasts of hearty food; hard, passionate work was, in fact, the “soul brother” of bountiful cuisine in our Polish-Italian household.

Work and food. Food and work. I’ve written dozens of poems that speak to the connective tissue between these two primal forces that continue to propel my life. One of these works—yes, “works”—is titled “Bringing Home The Poems.” And I’ll be bringing many of them back to their homes, as well as to mine.

Paul Zarzyski—May 17, 2015

[Read more about Paul’s returns to home and Hurley, WI in the post, Big Medicine]

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