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Click here to download the PDF essay from the December 2012 issue of Montana Quarterly, “Look Around the Room: Rodeo Poet Paul Zarzyski Interviews Himself”

My pal, Scott McMillion recently took over the reins to my favorite non-porn magazine, the Montana Quarterly. We’re talkin’ hard copies here. Remember those word-n-photo-hefty, but not-so-lunkered-with-real-estate-ads, perfect-bound brookie-hued beauties you’d find curled around the rest of your mail in the box down at the end of the gravel lane? Such a mail box encounter of the literary kind has become rarer in these e-issue times, so it’s good to know publisher Neanderthals still walk upright among us. This said, however, longevity of financial/nest egg ventures, such as Scott’s, become the critical issue, teetering, as always, on subscription sales. I, for one, intend to do the bulk of my Christmas shopping this year, and hopefully for years to come, at The mission in subscribing, especially for out-of-state friends, is not only to advocate for strong writing, top-shelf photography and graphics, as well as for sensibilities that engage, educate and entertain the reader, but also to roll out the ol’ Welcome Mat: Welcome to one of the last open range vestiges of the western heart and mind, of the very spirit that fuels, for creative thinkers everywhere, our many-specied, shape-shifting Muses. (Take another gander at Kenton Rowe’s extraordinary photograph of yours truly and one of my otherworldly bardic-doggerel-watchdog muses.)

In short, please subscribe? Please help me to keep Scott McMillion from having to change his name to Scott McSawbuck? And please, pretty please, don’t make me have to bring my associate, Guido “Da Fish"” Muffasanti (aka Mr. Ignition Switch) into the picture? It’s Christmas, remember, and I’m trying to adhere, especially at this time of year, to my perpetual resolution:
          Give (Montana Quarterly subscriptions) and be giving
          And especially be

Happy Holidays and Ho! Ho! Ho! skis, Paul




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