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For those readers enthused with Steering With My Knees, the book, you might be pleased to hear about the forthcoming, Steering With My Knees, the recording. (And, yes, you’ve read my mind, as we’re actually already beginning to think about Steering With My Knees, the movie!). Thanks to an initial prompting from long-time friend, Mary Kathleen “Kitty” Collins, as well as to the creative guidance of confidantes, Sande DeSalles, Glenna Branagan, and Elizabeth Dear, I’m working again in San Jose with maestro musicians, engineers, producers, Gordon Stevens, Lee Ray, Scott Sorkin, Renata Bratt, Kris Strom and numerous additional virtuoso players. Gordon, Lee, and Scott, along with Tim Volpicella, of Open Path Music Studio, produced and recorded in 2005 our CDs, Collisions of Reckless Love and Rock-’n'-Rowel. It’s an unanticipated honor to be back in the studio with the Open Path Gang, who performed phenomenal feats in their applications of music to my poetry on our two earlier projects.

This one, however, is different, and then some, as we’re attempting to develop and to sustain what we've identified—at least, thus far—as a “Cinematic Swan Song Romp.” I say, “thus far,” in light of all of the "road map / star chart words and phrases,” promising to guide us, buoying with colossal splashes to the surface throughout the evolution of the project, then sinking just as quickly back into the abyss. Three months into our endeavor, “romp” appears to be holding sway, as the poems and music are, for the most part, boisterous, rollicking, frolicsome, cavorting, Frisky Zarzyski-esque…—you get the picture, the cinematic picture?

We’re shooting for a double-disker—perhaps as many as 30+ tracks, which will include 7-8 cuts from earlier CDs, a similar number of earlier CD poems offering fresh musical applications, and as many as 15 brand spanking new poems and/or lyrics. The tentative contenders are:

1. Monte Carlo Express… (Title Poem)
2. Riding Double Wild
3. The Heavyweight Champion Pie-Eatin’ Cowboy of the West
4. Starbucks (a Jingle)
5. Frontier Anesthesia (a Jingle)
6. Drinking With Mister Mink
7. The Ms. of the Mega-Munitions
8. Telemarketer Malediction
9. Potatoes
10. Antipasto!
11. Bingo in the Church Basement
12. Why I like BUTTE!
13. The Day Beelzebub Gave His Jezebel a Hotfoot
14. Porch Light Web
15. Calico Fever Blues (featuring Kristen Strom and Denise Withnell on vocals)
16. LSD (Featuring Wylie Gustafson)
17. For The Stories (Bonus Track)
18. The Whale in My Wallet
19. Sadly—Oh So Sadly—I Have to Explain The Sopranos to Someone Who Just Does Not Capice
20. Bizarzyski—Mad Bard and Carpenter Savant…—Feeds the Finicky Birds
21. Zeke Zarzyski—Eighty-Sixed
22. The Tumbleweed Munchies
23. Zeke Zarzyski—Beckons His Master to Fetch
24. Pomes
25. Zeke Zarzyski—Gridiron Porn Star
26. She-Devil Muse (Blues)—Featuring guest vocalist ???
27. Riding Double: 16 & Beating the Heat
28. Ain’t No Life After Rodeo
29. Turkey Buzzards Circling Nirvana
30. Bizarzyski Eulogy
31. Rodeo To The Bone (Featuring Wylie Gustafson)
32. Roadwork In The Boneyard (Bonus Track)

We’ll be getting together again in late August for our second go-‘round of sessions. Wish us luck—we'll need it! Oh, and last but never least, my cowboy painter sidekick, Larry Pirnie, whose colorful art adorns my very first CD, Words Growing Wild, and whose work is also a major component of Steering With My Knees, the book, will be designing Steering With My Knees, the recording, (as well as, likely, Steering With My Knees, the movie?).

Thanks for your interest in this collaborative adventure, Paul



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Paul Zarzyski
Scott Sorkin noodling, as always,
toward “the definitive chord”

Paul Zarzyski
Diva/chanteuse Kris Strom singing Calico
Fever Blues

Paul Zarzyski
Virtuoso cellist Renata Bratt with
some homeless cowboy she found
on the street

Paul Zarzyski
Rode hard and put up lathered after a long day at
Joe Weed’s Highland Studio




Paul ZarzyskiWhere’s my beloved Smith-Corona when I really need

Paul Zarzyski
Tormenting over my vocals that don’t sound
a bit like Leonard Cohen’s

Paul Zarzyski
Paul’s wild rag “silencer” on Scott’s noisy fingers

Paul Zarzyski
Lee, Gordon and Scott (L-R) happy with the take on “For
the Stories”

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