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Elko, NV:  Ian Tyson, Paul Zarzyski, Gordon Stevens, Wylie Gustafson

Photo by Molly Morrow -- Wylie Gustafson & Paul Zarzyski

Elko, NV

With Ian Tyson

  • “Rodeo Road”—18 Inches of Rain

  • “Jerry Ambler”—Ian Tyson: Live at Longview

  • “Whispering Hope”—Recorded by Wylie Gustafson—Bucking Horse Moon


With Tom Russell

  • “Bucking Horse Moon”—Cowboys, Indians, Horses, Dogs

  • “All This Way For The Short Ride”—Cowboys, Indians, Horses, Dogs

  • “Heart Of A Bucking Horse” Cowboy’d All To Hell


With Denise Withnell and Kristen Strom

Lyrics and Music by Paul Zarzyski

Arrangement by Scott Sorkin

  • “Calico Fever Blues”—Steering With My Knees


With Wylie Gustafson

  • “Saddle Broncs & Sagebrush”—Hooves Of The Horses

  • “Rodeo To The Bone”—Bucking Horse Moon

  • “Ain’t No Life After Rodeo”—Hang-n-Rattle!

  • “A Pony Called Love”—Hang-n-Rattle!Songs of the Horse

  • “Grace”—Hang-n-Rattle!

  • “Ridin’ Double Wild’—Hang-n-Rattle!

  • “Hang-n-Rattle!”—Hang-n-Rattle!

  • “Cravin’ 8s—Tribute to LeDoux” Hang-n-Rattle!

  • “Cryin’ Hole Blues”—Hang-n-Rattle!

  • “Circle”—Raven On The Wind

  • “The Mistress, The Maestro”—Raven On The Wind

  • “Wicked Kiss”—Raven On The Wind

  • “Sweet Old Song”—Raven On The Wind  










With Cowboy Celtic/David Wilkie and Denise Withnell 

  • “Black Upon Tan”—The Drover Road


















With Denise Withnell 

  • “Flyin’, Not Fallin’, In Love With You”—Rose Petal Pie—Denise Withnell 







With Betsy Bell Hagar

  • “Hope Chest”—Heavens To Betsy

  • “Lucky Charms Of Love”—Heavens To Betsy

  • “True Cowboy Love”—Heavens To Betsy

  • “The Christmas Saguaro Soiree”—Heavens To Betsy

  • “The Best Dance”—Heavens To Betsy

  • “Star Light, Star Bright”—Heavens To Betsy


With Hal Cannon

  • “Wastelands of Yesterday”—Lord Of The Desert—3hattrio


With Don Edwards

  • “West Of The Round Corral”— Last Of The Troubadours


With John Hollis

  • “Maria Benitez”—Good Life


With Peter O’Brian

  • “Roadwork In The Boneyard”—Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies


With Robert Shepherd

  • “Conoco Saloon Blues”—One Last Look

With Justin Bishop

  • “Fanny Sperry Steele”—Prairie Flowers—Jean Prescott


With Jim Haynes

  • “The Snowy’s Wearin’ White”—Here I Am

Geno, NV,  COWBOY CELTIC & Paul Zarzyski

Photo by Sande DeSalles

03 A Pony Called LoveWylie Gustafson (co write with Paul Zarzyski)
00:00 / 04:10
02 Hope ChestBetsy Bell Hagar (co-write with Paul Zarzyski)
00:00 / 04:37
Jerry Ambler memorialIan Tyson (co-write with Paul Zarzyski)
00:00 / 04:52
01 Flyin', Not FallinDenise Withnell (co write with Paul Zarzyski)
00:00 / 03:21

Photo by Jessica Brandi Lifland
Paul Zarzyski Waiting To Go On Stage, Elko, NV  2018

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