Poetry by Paul Zarzyski
Bangtail Press

Available Spring 2022

Steering With My Knees: Zarzyski Lite

(Bangtail Press, 2014)

Cover by Larry Pirnie

51:30 Poems, 20 Lyrics,

1 Self-Interview

(Bangtail Press, 2011)

Cover by Allen Jones

Becoming Flight

(Limited Edition)

(Heavy Duty Press, 2004)

Cover by Tom Stack

Wolf Tracks On The

Welcome Mat

(Carmel Publishing/

Oreanabooks, 2003)

Cover by Theodore Waddell

Blue-Collar Light

(Red Wing Press, 1998)

Cover by Peter Stegall

All This Way For The

Short Ride

(The Museum of New

Mexico Press, 1996)

Cover by Barbara Van Cleve

I Am Not A Cowboy

(Dry Crik Press, 1995)

Cover by Larry Pirnie

The Garnet Moon

(Limited Edition)

(The Black Rock Press, 1990)

Black Rock Press

Artwork by Jim McCormick

Roughstock Sonnets

(The Lowell Press, 1989)

Cover by Barbara Van Cleve


(Limited Edition)

(The Kutenai Press, 1989)

Artwork by Mike Hollern

The Make-Up of Ice

(The University of

Georgia Press, 1984)

Call Me Lucky

(Confluence Press, 1981)

Cover by Jan Dell


Steering With My Knees

(Bucking Horse Moon

Music, 2016) 

Cover by Larry Pirnie

Collision of Reckless Love

(Open Path Music, 2006)

Cover by Gordon Stevens

Rock- 'n' -Rowel

(Open Path Music, 2006)

Cover by Walter Piehl

The Glorious Commotion

Of It All 

(Jim Rooney

Productions, 2003)

Cover by Theodore Waddell

Words Growing Wild

(Jim Rooney

Productions, 1999)

Cover by Larry Pirnie

Ain't No Life After Rodeo

(Horse Sense

Productions, 1992) 

Cover by Larry Pirnie

WOODCUTS ~ Limited Edition

A Suite of Poems by
Paul Zarzyski

Theodore Waddell



Photo by Jessica Brandi-Lifland

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